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May 26

Team Steve Radio 42 – Rebel Yell live from the Maldives!   It’s been a minute, but the Steve Team is back with a banging new episode live from the Maldives! Dustin, Kelly and John of Rebel Yell return to a superb uniquely quaint mobile Team Steve studios half way around the world to discuss their new album “Career Day“. Since their last visit, the […]

December 22

Team Steve Radio 41 – Be a Belvedere and have a listen…

Hey Ho, let’s go! Team Steve is back with another thrilling episode! It’s been a banger summer and now that fall/winter has arrived, we can definitely say it’s been one for the books. Get caught up with your favourite Steve Team as they chat new releases, recent tours and everything ‘peg punk and metal. This […]

August 26

Team Steve Radio 40 -Chewing the fat with Uncle BBQ aka Terrance Williams

Terrance Williams is a jack of many trades… He’s a podcast king (Single In Winnipeg, Couch Surfin, Total Recall) Selkirk Screamer (Occvlt Hand), Friendly Neighborhood Door Guy/Security (Zoo/Windsor/Handsome Daughter) Part Time Host/Comedian (Couch Surfin’ Live, Handsome Daughter Trivia) and over all super rad dude! Tune in this week for a genuine conversation with one of Winnipeg’s […]

July 21

Team Steve Radio 39 – Rippin’ Ronnie Ladobruk

‘Selkirk Rock ‘n Roll slasher Ronnie Ladobruk gets gritty with Team Steve this week raffing everything six string! If you haven’t heard of this dude no worries you will VERY soon. He’s the lead singer and shredder in Selkirk Metallers’ Blackhearted, a Southern Fried fretmaster in Wreckin’ So and he’s now representing REVV Amplification on a inetrnational […]

April 25

Team Steve Radio 38 – hanging with Deborah Remus

Oh yoooouuu didn’t know?? TEAM STEVE IS BACK WITH EPISODE 38!! After a brief cold winter’s rest, The Steve’s are back in action and this week it’s with none other then Deborah Remus!!! Wait a minute, Deborah who? I’ve read that name before… Who’s she again? Well, chances are you may have read some of her many music […]

January 22

Team Steve 37 – Badpants and Good Music

It’s 2016! …And with the New Year comes a New Episode with a New Band! Meet Badpants, Winnipeg’s newest progressive punkers. Perhaps you haven’t heard of them yet, but you will soon. With sugar sweet vocal hooks and razor sharp fretwork, there’s no question these boys know how to get it done. Fresh off the release of a new […]

December 04

Team Steve Radio 36 -Antillectually speaking 2015 was awesome!

Here it is Episode 36, the last episode of Team Steve Radio for 2015! And what a year it’s been! Here in the ‘Peg we’ve seen a new mayor elected, the birth of a new Podcast Network (Garbage Hill Network), the closing of one of our beloved venues (The Osborne Village Inn) and a slew of killer new […]