December 22

Team Steve Radio 41 – Be a Belvedere and have a listen…

Hey Ho, let’s go!

Team Steve is back with another thrilling episode! It’s been a banger summer and now that fall/winter has arrived, we can definitely say it’s been one for the books.
Get caught up with your favourite Steve Team as they chat new releases, recent tours and everything ‘peg punk and metal.
This week we also have a feature interview with Calgary Punk-Guru Steve Rawles, singer/guitar player of Canadian skate punk legends Belvedere!
Steve tells the tale of their humble beginnings, early tours, first studio experiences, what went down during the band’s indefinite hiatus, as well as a little bit of what you can expect from the Canadian legends in the new year.
BTW, if you haven’t checked out their latest release “Revenge Of the Fifth” be sure to get your copy, it’s a true return to form from a band that so many had thought had thrown in the towel forever.
A real beaut!
Tune in, turn it up, grab a cup of hot toddy errbody!!