April 25

Team Steve Radio 38 – hanging with Deborah Remus

Oh yoooouuu didn’t know?? TEAM STEVE IS BACK WITH EPISODE 38!!

After a brief cold winter’s rest, The Steve’s are back in action and this week it’s with none other then Deborah Remus!!!
Wait a minute, Deborah who? I’ve read that name before… Who’s she again?
Well, chances are you may have read some of her many music related pieces on Absolutepunk.net, Uptown Magazine, Exclaim.ca, AUX, in The Uniter.
Whether it be a chat with Fat Wreck head honcho Fat Mike, or a scathing record review, Deborah’s always where she needs to be when there is a story to be told.
She’s a journalist with a punk point of view and that means she isn’t afraid to speak her mind when it comes to everything music.
Hence, a perfect candidate for this week return to the webwaves!
Includes music from Comeback Kid, Belvedere, Elder Abuse and Elway.