Team Steve Radio 36 -Antillectually speaking 2015 was awesome!

Here it is Episode 36, the last episode of Team Steve Radio for 2015!

And what a year it’s been!

Here in the ‘Peg we’ve seen a new mayor elected, the birth of a new Podcast Network (Garbage Hill Network), the closing of one of our beloved venues (The Osborne Village Inn) and a slew of killer new bands that are currently rounding out our already stellar music scene.

On a global scale, we’ve elected a new Liberal Government and experienced tragedy in the wake of the attacks in Paris. There’s been so many other amazing, and terrible things happen this year, but those are a little closer to our heart.

Here at Team Steve we know  music inspires, heals and opens dialogue amongst those who may never see eye to eye, and that’s why it only seems fitting that we end the year on a positive note, whilst reflecting on the not so positive.

This week’s episode features an interview that Team Steve conducted in August with Nijmegens’ punk rock kings Antillectual. A band that tours relentlessly, shredding faces and crafting undeniably sharp hooks, while challenging the minds of punks from coast to coast.

And they’re the nicest bunch of dudes you could ever meet.

Perhaps, their dedication to what they do could be best summed up in the following statement made by the band on their most recent release “Perspectives & Objectives” – “Let this be the soundtrack to how you change your life”.

Please sit back, put on that awful Christmas sweater, brew up a sweet cup of spiked cocoa and enjoy our last podcast of 2015!

Thanks to everyone that made this year the best yet for The ‘Ol Steve Team, we’ll see you in January!