November 27

Team Steve Radio Exclusive – Antillectual and Clipwing 2015 Western Canada Tour Video!

As the snow flakes hit the ground, and the end of the year draws near, the ‘Ol Steve Team can’t help but look back in joy at the summer that was 2015.

What better way to reminisce than with a brand new Team Steve Exclusive, this time it’s a tour vid from our favourite Euro’s Antillectual!

Team Steve was lucky enough to host Antillectual (and a packed house of punks) back in August, where they promptly tore the roof off The Handsome Daughter, with In2Months and The Bumpin’ Uglies.

Oh and we also got to drink some beers, and shoot the shit in Banff mid tour!

Canadian Steve got to sit down with them just before leaving on their Western Canadian tour alongside Clipwing, but for that you’re going to have to wait till next week…

So in the meantime, here’s a sweet vid put together by Marty and Randy from Clipwing, highlighting some of the awesomeness of their tour.