Team Steve Radio 33 – The Ripperz!

We are right in the heat of summer, and for the majority of us ‘Peg folk, that means cold brews, acoustic camp fire hangs and solid shows right across our fine province! In the midst of all the musical madness, The Steve Team finally got a chance to catch up with one of our cities finest front men Chris Sawatzky of The Ripperz.

To hear The Ripperz is one thing but to see them is something completely different. The passion they put behind their live performance is unparalleled, the sing-alongs are a thing of true beauty, yet all this can be thrashed away in moments notice thanks to their punk rock, folky, heavy metal brush strokes.
That’s right, there’s no way of truly describing The Rippzerz

The only way to find out how they stumbled upon this amazingly unique style, is to hear their story from the man himself Chris Sawatzky…

All this plus all the hilarious anecdotes you’ve come to expect from TEAM STEVE RADIO!
Featuring music by The Ripperz, Northcote and Refused.
Thanks to Dwayne from It’s a Music Thing for the sweet photo!