April 09

Team Steve Radio 31 – It’s a Dwayne Thing, Bleed American, and bands named after mushrooms.

The Steve Team is back, and they sat down with Jimmy Eat World Winnipeg’s own Bleed American to discuss tales such as the (in)famous Zeller’s Incubus CD theft, the Tim Horton’s Banff Road Bump, plus their new album Figure it Out.

If you haven’t checked it out already do it now! It’s chock full of hooks, and is a must hear for fans of New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World or Blink 182.
 Canadian Steve also caught up with Dwayne Larson of “It’s A Music Thing” at the Goodwill Social Club and got the deets on what’s good. From Teenage Bottle Rocket to Marilyn Manson, Dwayne’s  got it covered.
Aussie Steve snuck in a tune from 2 piece ‘buzz band’ Mantar, which apparently is Turkish for mushroom!